Free delivery anywhere in Australia for orders over $50



All filming and editing is done on the latest digital equipment, guaranteeing high fidelity on both visual and audio


We utilise 2 cameras during the show. One camera focusing on the entire performance and the second camera capturing those dramatic moments or as the ensemble dancers come together for a more intimate shot.

The “Master” copy is in your hands within 5 working days from the date that we filmed your concert allowing you to showcase the production to your school and generate further orders.

The entire performance is carefully edited to ensure that the finished production has a smooth pace, without delays or interruptions.

You have the option of purchasing a USB which comes with a personalised slick along with the name of your production, school/studio and performance date.

Or you can purchase a Digital Streamed copy. Because we film in HD, you now have the advantage of viewing your performance in crystal clear vision off any internet connected device


Stagefright Concert Productions offer three unique packages to suit all requirements

Service Provider

  • Leave all the stress and hard work of collecting orders, banking and tagging the finished USBs or Digital Streams to us. We sell the final product to your student body via your school. USB’s for $42 each or Streamed copies are $36.50 each
  • Minimum order quantity: 40 copies
  • USB’s are delivered to you within 3 working days of final order


  • Your school purchases the final production, USB’s are $36 or Streamed for $30 and you on-sell to your student body at the price you choose
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 copies
  • USB’s are delivered to you within 3 working days of final order

Big Show

  • For those large shows that have multiple acts, awards & lengthy speeches we have you covered!
  • Please reach out for pricing
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 copies



“Just a quick note to say thanks for your great work in filming
our two concerts. The DVD’s were great and parents and
students loved the finishing touches with the mini music clip
and DVD cover.”
Nadia Portlan, Studio One


“…working with you was a breeze. Your profesionalism from
booking through to filming and receiving our DVD’s made my
job so easy, I could just focus on our production instead of
worrying about how the DVD was going to turn out!”
Jaime Richmond, Principal, Vibe Studios



We’ve been using Stagefright Concert Productions since 2010 to film, edit and distribute our Wakakirri National Story Festival productions. This job involves coordinating 50 dance shows across every state
and territory of Australia, as well as producing additional
content on demand (often with little notice). Such a mammoth
task are always handled with professionalism and ease.

At all times we feel confident the tasks we set will be delivered on time
and at a high quality standard. We are most impressed with the
level of communication between Stagefright and my staff –
nothing is ever left to chance and at all times we are kept up to
date with the progress of each job. Feedback is always responded
to and actioned upon immediately.

Stagefright Concert Production staff members are also able to use their
considerable experience to advise on positive changes to our
existing processes.

We very much look forward to continue working with Stagefright CP
for many years to come

Adam Loxley, Festival Director & Founder